About the Paverty Bush Band

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members of the paverty bush band on stage in front of a St Albans Fold Festival Banner
Paverty at St Albans Folk Festival. Left to right: Mary Firkins, Peter Logue, Simone Dawson, Bob Buckley, Graham Chalker, Bryan Rae

The Paverty Bush Band, sometime just called Paverty, is a bush band based in Canberra.

Paverty is an renowned performer of bush music (songs, ballads, tunes, etc.) and bush dances.

The Paverty Bush Band followed on (in 2017) from the band called Franklyn B Paverty that started in the 1970s. You can find Franklyn B Paverty in Wikipedia: see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Franklyn_B_Paverty

Members of The Paverty Bush Band (alphabetically) are:

  • Bob Buckley - vocals/bass/dance calls
  • Graham Chalker - vocals/percussion/dance calls
  • Simone Dawson - vocals/flute and whistles
  • Mary Firkins - vocals/fiddle and guitar
  • John Taylor - vocals/banjo, guitar and double bass

Paverty may also include Bryan Rae (vocals/guitar/harmonica), Peter Logue (vocals/accordion/keyboards) and/or others from time to time.